The Fretboard Accelerator Workbook

The Fretboard Accelerator Workbook

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The last time we ran this course, a bunch of people asked us:

Can we have a physical workbook too?

I’m happy to say we’ve produced that book, and it’s waaaaay beyond our expectations.

  • 366 pages of exercises, diagrams and detailed explanations
  • Rugged spiral binding that lasts
  • ALL of the core written exercises from the Fretboard Accelerator in notation and tab
  • Space in each lesson module for your own notes

NOTE - You do not need this workbook to take the course. All the material is inside for you to print on your own. But if you want a premium, already-printed version, this is for you!

While this workbook contains ALL of the exercises throughout the 16-course modules, there are a few other supplemental resources and extra exercises not inside.

These course extras are available for on-screen display or download and are included with your enrollment in the Fretboard Accelerator.